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Page 10

I had to do this page twice during the sketch process. I’m glad I did. While the script is always ready and I check it all the time to edit it if necessary when it comes to the layout I always have my doubts and the art sometimes come with better ideas than what is written dow.

Anyway, I haven’t had the time to finish Uncharted 3, let’s see if I cand do it now or next week xp.
But heard Skyrim has werewolves now… hmmmm >_>

Anyway, be prepared because tomorrow Monday I’ll be posting something extra. Take care.



25 thoughts on “Page 10

  1. Therianthropes with shotguns?

    HUMANITY IS DOOMED! D: *runs and hides*

    Poor Dad. Poor Ivan. They are the first victims. 🙁

  2. Ivan! No not Ivan! He’s too cool! *looks out into crowd of Russian soldiers* Fellow Russians, tonight we avenge our fallen brother Ivan, who bravely sacrificed himself in the name of Lycanthrope peace! Charge! *animas get pwn3d*

  3. @Uberman5000 If Animas can talk and have rational thinking, I think they can easily pick up a gun a pull the trigger, although it can’t replace their claws and jaws when comes to chase their prey.

    @David Maybe you mean Hector. That’s the name of Ivan’s father.

  4. I think the hard part for an Anima would be actually getting the shotguns. It would be really hard for them to pass a background test.

  5. Werecat with a Shotgun? Guess that was Hector’s shotgun that was left unattended. Explains the BOOM now.

    But this does raise a good question…why are the Animas being so mean!

    Anyways; a good emotionally driven next page.

  6. I agree, I like Ivan and Hector. Though If Ivan lives, I see the death of his father being the driving force for him to join Luna and Alex. Luna gets as a kid brother, yay!!!!^__^ Alex gets a kid brother…..yay……-__-

  7. I would actually like to see Luna,Fang,and Ivan(possibly Colleen) travaling together…it means more annoyance for Fang XP

  8. animas can learn alot from humans….

    anima 1:look at this strange mechanism…
    anima 2:it looks dangerous! don’t touch dammit!
    anima 1: don’t be stupid,hmmmm….wonder what this is


    anima 1:HOLY SHIT!DID U SEE THAT!?!That was so….
    …….holy shit….where’s his head!?!?!

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