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Alpha Luna Chronicles : “Luna’s Strength”

Hello there wolves!

Now something different but exciting! This is the Promotional Cover for “Luna’s Strength” (DIGITAL Version), the second Alpha Luna Chronicles story that RIGHT NOW is up for sale in our store! ( ) only for US$5
This is a prequel story that happens about a year before the events of Alpha Luna Chapter 1.

Shukei is the amazing guest artist that gives life to the characters and this story. You can find more about him at:

Alpha Luna Chronicles : “Luna’s Strength” is the direct follow up to “Collie’s Spirit telling the story what happened about a year before the events of Alpha Luna Chapter 1. Here Luna & Collie face the cruel intentions of a gang of thugs who decided to target our wolf girl. Gina, David and Mr. Ferro from Chapter 1 also make an appearance here, they may have some important connections to the story that unfolds. Will Luna ble able to contain her beast within?

I’m really glad that I’m finally putting this up as it took a long time to translate this comic, I’m really proud of the work that came out of this. If you follow my Alpha Luna main story you’ll probably love this (or so I hope) , thanks in advance if you decide to buy it! Of course, if you’re a supporter of my Patreon you don’t need to as it still being serialized over there. This is an option for people who can’t subscribe to patreon but want an option to get my new comics 🙂 Well I hope you like it!

Next Saturday we’ll be back with the usual tranmission of current AL pages 😉



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