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AL Chapter 5 – Page 39

Hey there! Happy Halloween!

Sorry for the late post but I had a few busy days this last weekend. Also a stomach ache. Aanyway, this is for real the last time we’re seeing Luna’s mother. Luna and Luz share her last words of love as Luz gives her a last mission before her departure…

Yup, Ivan is mentioned and we recall what was happening to him back in chapter 4, right? Well that story I’m proud to announce that it will be continued as a Chronicle story by the hands of a Chilean Artist : Jade . We’re in early stage of developments but in a few months you’ll probably start to see more , specially at my patreon where that story will debut in about 2 months.

I leve you here with one of the sketches so you have an idea of the great talent jade is 🙂

Next page is coming next Nov 10. Until then, Howls!




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