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So I decided to hold up to this updated to post Blog Updates.

First, a few changes to the Calendar. Next Saturday there won’t be a new page. To keep everything arranged I need to keep at least 1 week between HD pages for people who may donate and public pages. And as much as I tried I couldn’t make 2 pages for download this week, I was a little burnt out to be honest and cold weather isn’t helping to work over night >_>.

So I’ve moved 2 pages for next week …and the week after that 1 page again and so on. That way I hope to keep a balance of what I’m capable to deliver while still keeping the quality of pages intact.

Again, check the calendar to get a better idea. Still there is always a chance I move things again, it depends on many things, life, time, health, etc.

Anyhow, no more words and please comment, share if you like about the story and characters. I’m always pleased to read your thought.



36 thoughts on “Page 3

  1. @Songbird

    Your name is not new to me… are you perhaps on Steam or something?

    Changing topic I laughed hard at this page xD

    P.s. is weight, not wieight… Just correcting for you, Leo.

  2. excellent page Leo, I’m really enjoying these, and adding to minor corrections from ItalianWerewolf, Fang should say “you’re joking right?” there is no need for the the not, otherwise it sounds like your cancelling out the sarcasm, just my two cents on the matter. Can’t wait for next page!

  3. hey Leo

    I know this webcomic started on July and all, but why does it have to end at August?
    can’t you just keep on updating the pages for the rest of the year and next year?

  4. Ha ha, poor Luna. ^^”
    You’d think with all the pain she had while growing the tail, that she’d know it was there, though. :p

  5. Ya know why I think I may be a werewolf?

    1. I have pointed teeth and ears
    2. I’m vary hairy
    3. I’m stronger then I look(almost broke my moms ribs once)
    4. I have a MASSIVE metabolism
    5. when enraged I secretly have fantasy to rip things apart with my bare hands and teeth

    PS… I also have a great scene of sight, smell, hearing and reflexes

    That sound like a werewolf to you guys? (Leo, do you agree?)

  6. @Leo

    Oh, sorry I kind of got confused when I saw it, so you’ll keep on updating the pages till the end of the year and next year right?

    p.s. will there be other monsters beside werewolves?

  7. It’s not surprising that Luna isn’t used to being a werewolf yet. It has only been about a day since her first change, but she’ll have to adapt quickly or else someone will certainly be killed…

  8. Wait how wouldnt she be used to it if she transformed last time and went on a crazy awesome killing spree and after her and her mom got her to normal luna must seriously have a werewolf problem

  9. @Ethan

    I’m sure that if you believe you’re a werewolf nobody here is going to try and say otherwise lol…maybe


    Awesome work. I’m sure once Fang gets kicked around a bit she’ll decide to have at the demon!

  10. I do feel a little… odd during the full moon.

    And recently been having burning sensations and twitching.

    FYI I’m turning 18 on the 30th of this month.

  11. @Ethan. get a gopro cam. You could probably make a quick buck selling the footage if you turn on the 30th.
    Just focus on your breathing. Helps the pain and to keep your mind in place.

  12. I think the chapter title alludes to what the rest of the chapter will be about. Luna learning the ways of being a werewolf from Fang and other characters. Developing her prowess.

  13. @AdolfMinigan
    In a way you’re in the right track but it also means something more 🙂 – Sadly it will be fully understandable at the end of this chapter. (page 45+)


  14. Leo, do you mean “sadly” as in something tragic is going to happen by page 45+, or that it is sad that we have to wait until page 45+?

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