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What other thing can you say when the “death” comes for you?

Sorry for the delay, I’ve had a lot in my plate this week. Anyway I hope you enjoy it 🙂

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17 thoughts on “Page 25

  1. i for see, by using my mystical powers (the standard for this kinda story)
    1. luna lives and gives this ass an asskicking
    2. fang gives her training lessons on transformation and fighting
    3. some other dumbass group is trying to kill them
    4. collie gets kidnapped and held as bait for luna
    5. luna falls for some other dude and and then he/she turns out to be a dick/villain and then luna falls for fang
    6. and some shits gonna go down in between all that

  2. Wow I just finished rereading the comic cause I lost track of what the plot was and a new page shows up.

    Also it looks like the “deamon” is performing a dementor’s kiss (harry potter 3)
    (Auto correct hates the word dementor)

    And when will collie listen to fang and run away.

  3. @were/directs
    1. Probably
    2. Isn’t he supposed to take he to the elder?
    3. Could be the animas fighting with Ivan if the win
    4. Doubt it
    5. Seems to common a storyline for Leo
    6. It is always going down

  4. @bloodwolf
    Well thats just following the average route of the renegade type genre

    Besides the story has just begun

  5. @Were/direcat
    1. Pretty much
    2. Probably, I honestly hope we’ll get to see her after her in other wereforms.
    3. Ivan still is a wildcard, no pun intended
    4. Not sure if this will happen since it seems to cliche.
    5. I honestly hope Luna doesn’t fall for anyone ;l. She is to good for them XD.
    6. Shit is practically petrified in the ground in this comic ;).

  6. @john
    i know number four is cliche, but it often leads to plot development and character development.
    plus it kind of already happened…

  7. @Were/direcat
    Too many wild speculations I’m afraid :p

    1. That is what every reader wish for each main character to do in every single story and not necessary what happens.
    2. Who says Luna can’t fight? :p
    3. It’s the same as saying “there will be enemies!”
    4. She already was for a few pages on Chapter 4, want me to repeat myself? :p
    5. This is not a romance story, but you can go watch Frozen again 😛
    6. That’s so gansta that I’ll just walk away 😛


  8. I do prefer to be called a comedian, andI don’t like frozen and the reason I said that there could be another love interest is because that has happened in other stories for further plot development and i do think that luna can fight, but is she as experienced as fang in fighting/transforming. I mean that can’t be learned overnight, can it?

    plus… um… the ninth comment?

  9. It took me awhile to found this comic again after screwing up and hitting the wrong link. How my dumb luck always help me at 80% of the time.

  10. And the funny thing is I had the link for this comic on a USB flash drive for a backup until I screw up trying to use it for the Windows 8 backup and recovery then that the thing got formatted that didn’t work out as planned too.

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