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Wolves are flying today!… And yeah, I really hope so Collie, I really hope so.

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15 thoughts on “Page 24

  1. Seeing where she got hit and comparing human and wolf anatomy, she will probably be either be really luck and miss her large intestine or be bleeding out for that area. I will assume the best case scenario since the other would most likely be fatal in a prolonged fight. Either way it would still hurt like hell.

  2. Yours and a lot of other artists like Black Rats art on Deviant art are some beautiful. So what’s up with all the movies making females look ugly when they transform into She Wolves or just big wolf dogs like “Bitten”. Alpha Luna looks very Beautiful as She Wolf. I hope you get chance make a movie out of this Leo. I am sorry I can’t donate I feel guilty about it cause I have Other Hobbies. I love She Wolves and fantasize about the as you know already. I love Collecting Marvel and DC merchandise and I am a big Fan of Ratchet and Clank Play Station Games and today going to see the Movie. I love being a Furry. I am a Bob Tail Mountain Lion named Helix. I am also pretty into the Supernatural like Hauntings and ghosts and the Paranormal. Only artists like you can make something Beautiful Leo.

  3. That tail swing must have had the force of at least of a car behind it ._. Luna is defiantly one tough *cough atractive beyond belief cough* character but that was painful to watch. Hope she doesn’t have some internal bleeding from her lung considering she isn’t exactly sneezing. Though I’m sure she can’t even feel it considering the amount of adrenaline she must have right now…Ummm play dead or make his hand go through the tree, maybe?

  4. @Fatman 101

    It’s really pretty simple, you can sign up on Leo’s Patreon page to pledge a certain amount of money per month to support his work. Just pick how much money you want to give per month and how you want to pay it. Mine is paid to him automatically every month for example. It’s something cool if you want to support an artist you like, but it’s not always for everyone.

  5. @Justin Knight
    Don’t worry about donating , I’m glad if people still read my comic and share it too.

    Patreon works as a subscription model to suport my work, yo ureceive extra content because of it. But you decide how much you want to pledge each month based on the rewards listed at the Patreon Gallery.

    @Melanie Van Luven
    Thank you!

  6. First time around here, awesome work leo, can’t donate as i’m still underage and don’t have the means, but know that i love it and will keep reading as long as you keep updating, and maybe even longer.

  7. @ fatman and John
    Werewolf healing ftw

    @Justin knight
    Bitten is based off of a book series which may have them turn into wolves rather than hybrids (i haven’t read it so I’m not sure), plus it is a lot cheaper for TV shows to use wolves instead of trying to CGI them all

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