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What “Beta-Collie” are you talking about? 😛
Of course that was April’s Fools guys and girls! Apparently you enjoyed it a lot. I would never do such a thing to Luna, I mean replace her as a protagonist and all that! 🙂

The Were-Collie thing was made for a Milestone Goal reached within my Patreon as a “What if” comic. The date was a bit of a coincidence with April’s fools ( I had considering working on it at he end of March anyway) and I thought what better date and posted it :p

So if you wanna see the process of Collie turning into a werewolf you gotta join my Patreon. I guess it will be eventually available for everybody in the future. It will be just a few pages for fun.

Anyway I’ve been with a cold for the past few days so the Collie thing helped me also to finish page 15 that should be ready for download when read this.

Page 14 you see here show more about Collie’s past and what she’s been dealing with! I think this is a powerful and very important part of her backstory, if you remember I did a glimpse of this idea back in 2006 when I was drawing Chapter 2, now guess what page I’m talking about! 😛

Until next week.



41 thoughts on “Page 14

  1. haha of course that was an April’s Fools and probably i imagined it but yes, it was funny and i liked a lot the half werewolf version of Collie 🙂

  2. Wonderful thing about Werewolves, you can make one of anybody if you truly feel like it 😛

    Time for Collie to get some good moments to shine.

  3. Collie’s time to shine is neigh. Teo is evil, get him gals and Fang. Who says nerds are useless? We can and will prove you all wrong.

  4. In all honesty I am very happy that it turned out just to be an April fools joke XD. I would’ve been heartbroken to see Luna go. Now let us see what Collie can really do!

  5. Heh, the world needs more Were Collies, Task oriented, Driven to get the job done, Wanting to be given jobs to do and oh, look, ball, throw it for me…

    Working dogs rule… Companion dogs drool.

  6. Hmm…is it just me, or do Collie’s Sister’s earrings look a little…symbolic? (IDK, they just look like some sort of bizarre logo or insignia to me.)

  7. @Waffles
    sorry my mistake, we used to have a person that would frequent here that would use the same name

  8. lovin your comic. just remembered that collie was scratched earlier. like I’ve said before I’m writing a comic book of my own. one character in particular is a werewolf.plz give me qny tips you have on developing female characters. thx for your time.

  9. btw liked the idea of turning collie into werewolf. i guess it may or may not happen;-) . anyway I’m sort of relieved that it turned out to be an April fools joke! it would be a shame if you you put luna’s story in the dumpster. keep writing!

  10. Abby you should consider not just tips on developing female characters but characters in general. Start by asking yourself these questions:

    Who is this character?
    What do they want?
    What is stopping them from getting it?

  11. thx gunmast0. But am already past this point. I should of been more specific but i was referring to more advanced development tactics, such as the background events and plot. Mine is the the kind that starts off all over the place but then comes together as you read on. I won’t say anymore because i don’t want to draw the attention away from Mr.leo’s comic, not that it will. I mean earlier someone asked to make a deal with him or something because he liked this comic. That’s very hard to beat! The only reason I’m doing it is for fun and/or a buck or two for college in a foreign country.i live in USA btw.

  12. btw Leo, i remember you saying that you were trying to get alpha luna to be an anime. I’m no expert but i heard that the animation studios here in Atlanta Georgia are the perfect places for such a goal.In my opinion this comic book could be the next best anime. I Definitely think it is a good idea to make this an anime. i would tell all of my friends!

  13. hello again leo! A word of advice i just got from another successful profesional comic book artist and writer: create a series bible for Alpha Luna and try to astablish a team to help speed up the comic book writing process. ex: backround finisher, shading finisher, clean up guy(erases sketchy unneeded lines),etc. Remember, comic book fans can be very impatient. If you take to long to release a new issue they give up on waiting and assume that the slow speed won’t get it anywhere any time soon…And my attention span went out.? I’m sure you’re already doing all these things but i personally prefer doing my work solo. i practically have this phobia of this “team” ruining the entire graphic novel! whatever you are doing, i understand fully that life gets in the way,but even with that u are definitely better paced than i am. I only have four pages done in ten months and that’s only the rough draft! Whatever speed you go you can count on me to be patient! I just gave some advice because i love this comic and don’t want it to die because a bunch of prople can’t wait. wish u paws of luck Leo! HOWL!

  14. question… how do you get a copyright or your rights reserved on your comicbook,and what comicbook. Making softwares would you recommend for and manga-like comicbook?

  15. that question was directed at anyone who is fully and legally selling a manga-like comic book of their own.

  16. He is not any trouble guys, he is making his Second Book Release in his country, so have patience xd.

  17. I wonder how leo even finds the time to do any of tgis.He must REALLY care about us to be at it this long.

  18. He is also working on two side projects that were a reward to those who supported him on Patreon. The Collie Werewolf side comic, and finishing up Rina’s Night, so that in turn has nearly tripled his work load at this point and time. He is certainly dealing with other real life issues also, so waiting a few weeks on here is pretty justifiable.

  19. Lol. icould wait an entire year if that’s what it will take. I’ve done it for this title before. It’s always worth it. And yes I fo agree with you cynfall. I trying to convince my parents to let me join his patreon. They say they can’t afford it at the moment. That won’t be a problem when I either get a job of my own or sell my comic book if it’s worth anything that is. I think leo’s comic should of made him a millionare. People can be so inreasonably hard to please.

  20. ¡Hola sr.Leo! ¿Como esta?¡ Me gusta Alpha luna!(lol! spanish 1 finals on Friday. I can’t wait until spanish 4! So far I suck at writing or speaking spanish?. I can only remember it! I truly do hope it gets easier over time like my friends and family tell me.)

  21. There will be an update this Wed, sorry if the Calendar has been screwed up, but as Cynfall put it. I’ve been with a lot in my plate.
    I’m working on my book that I need to deliver in 2 weeks top and pages for my Patreon , not counting RL issues

    And, @Abby20025
    I applaud your interest and all your care for my work, but calm down. This is the comment section, not a chat. I suggest you joining to any of my Facebook Alpha Luna pages to comment as much as you like there.

    Take care.


  22. okay leo. Thanks for making it’s purpose clear. Don’t have facebook but i probably won’t comment much past this point. Wish u luck!?

  23. Dude, I just found your comic a couple hours ago and blew through the whole thing(even though it’s late and I have work in the morning lol). Freaking Amazing,I love Luna she’s awesome, more please XD
    I wish I had found you years ago. You should get the listing sorted out, or just start a new one, and then throw a link under the “like on Facebook” banner, I would vote daily. Definitely top 100 material here. I feel like I would have found you a lot sooner. 🙁

  24. @F0xGl0ve
    The “” Ranking that is listed below my comic is totally broken, for some reason that site wont detect my updates so I stopped caring about that a long time 😛

    Thanks for the love for my work.

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