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Page 13

Well, Collie is back into trouble and into a big dilemma. What do you think she’ll do, does she even has a choice?

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13 thoughts on “Page 13

  1. Well…I really wasn’t expecting this to happen. I thought I knew Collie pretty well up to this point but after reading this page I am not so sure. I for sure wasn’t expecting to see a opportunity like this pop up. I am usually decent at predicting things but I feel off-guard. I honestly have no idea what to expect or if he is even to be trusted even the slightest bit at this point. The fact that you really know how to end these pages with such suspense kills me Leo XD. Hope you the best.

  2. That’s when they actually start to say things like this that I see I completely forgot some elements of the story (with all the hiatuses). I’m gonna need to read it all again at some point.

  3. The bit “…three a year ago…” will make sense to those who rea Alpha Luna Chronicles to be released in June.

  4. …and then luna hulks out at takes down demon beast in rage!lol! Would like to see that happen!:-) love this comic!also love your lack of stereotypes!keep up the good work! I’m eagerly waiting for next page. Heck i would buy this if i had the money!keep up the good work! (Really want to see luna hulk out like the demon did!lol!)?

  5. Once again live your comic mr.leo!I’m writing a comic book myself! Any tips on story development,time management,and female character development with variety?

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