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Page 8

Last time I put 4 pages in a row before going into a hiatus, so next page will come in about 6 months…right? Let’s see you then XD
Of course I’m kidding, Just as some people have noticed my shceduele of updates is and it will continue being Wednesday and Saturdays.
Today’s page got a bit late, but due some commissions in the way I hope you understand.

Well, what do you think will happen to Ivan or Hector for that matter? See ya soon.



26 thoughts on “Page 8

  1. *arms his M95 rifle*

    Can I kill him now? Please?

    No one likes a child killer, even amongst prison inmates, I’ve heard.

  2. @Cinderwolf14
    Unless he literally wears his heart on his sleeve, I don’t think so.
    Still has to hurt like a bitch, though…

  3. Holy crap. Updates!

    I really can’t form any other words then that at the moment. But I must say, great to see your work again Leo.
    Sorry about the health issues, figured it was something like that bothering you. Glad to hear you’re doing a bit better.

    As for the depression, all I can say is cheer up, literally. Things do and will get better. And all of us randoms reading your comic are glad to support you however we can.

  4. Ivan is a werewolf! I know it! He will survive, but I dont think his dad will, which will cause him to join Luna and Alex.

  5. Great comic. This page does make me wonder though. . .

    How can you throw Kunais with such precision when you lack depth perception?
    How can said Kunais hit a running boy in the chest/front?

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