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Page 7

And…he’s looking for him*, yup. Why? well, a bird told me that it’s part of a … backstory, what? 😛 Sorry but , still it’s something you can easily figure out. Besides Fang kinda mentioned it back in the beginning of the comic… (C1-p2x). So there is that and the chance that story will be unfold…. but I won’t say more for now 😉

Anyhow, enjoy the page, we’ll see us back again next Saturday.




18 thoughts on “Page 7

  1. Oh, to put a bullet ‘twixt their eyes…how satisfying it would be… >=(

    Can’t wait to see more, Leo! Keep it up!

  2. @Takim There are sites that offer space for publishing comics online like , or try one of those 🙂

    @WarlordMike a Twixt? a what?

  3. Oh man oh man oh man! I hope that anima get’s a blade to da FACE! HA ha! That would be pretty sweet.

    Interesting question:
    How cool would it be if there were werewolves in a zombie apocalypse?

  4. @Leo

    “Twixt” is a shortened version of “betwixt.” I suppose I should’ve just said between, but it sounded more poetic. ^_^;;;

  5. If this got truned into a anime I would so watch it mabey the person how did winry rockbell vioce would do lune jonny yong bosch does alex the girl who did orihime english of coures

  6. Hey Leo, Great work your doing here. I’ve been reading up to this point its been weeks since I read this page, but I was wondering when will the next page be out?

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