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And the transformation continues 🙂

Today I wanna make official a project that I’m working on and right now I’m looking up for writers experienced in comic writing interested in to work with Alpha Luna’s characters in a different story. Yes, a different project.
For more info you can read HERE

The same goes for an Artist who are good with Lycanthropes and manga/ comic narrative. Again, for more info follow the link 🙂

That’s about it. And we see again next Wednesday.



16 thoughts on “Page 24

  1. Nah, Neo, just vote “Hell Yeah” dozens of times XD

    Love your progress on the comic, Leo. And I appreciate the adjustable donation feature as I am quite strapped for cash these days. I’m sure even a little bit helps. 😉

  2. Leo, I’ve been an enormous fan of your work since I first stepped onto the internet back in the last 90’s early 00’s. I completely love and appreciate the Luna comic you work on. 🙂

  3. Oh Yeah! Leo, your comic is so awesome. I like the way things are going and Luna’s transformation is as cool as the first one (the first time is always special).

    @Big Bad Wolf and Carl

    Luna doesn’t need dogs, but a real wolf. AAWWWOOOOO!!

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