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Alright, this is a new start fo a chapter/ volume of the story and things are going to get a intense.
This is the first page where my pal is Branco is helping me with the background inks and I think he is doing a great job, we’re both in a period of trial and error so I don’t want to promise anything as I try to keep always quality over quantity. Bu if everything goes alright next page should come during Saturday, if not I’l let you know.

For those wondering about the secret symbol/thing I talked about in my last blog, it solution was the canis major constellation if you were able to put together the brightest stars.

That’s about it, now giving a try to Mass effect 2 for the first time :-s


17 thoughts on “Page 1

  1. Are you going to make another page for today?

    It’s nice that you have start to make this again i was relly bored when you didn’t have inspiration.

  2. Wgirl, your answer is above you in muy comment.
    N/A it I’d whish I could get as much money to not need ads, but that it’s not the case :/

  3. Love the story Leo.I’m sorry if I speak in nothing but songs names , from the legendary Man In Black. Love him a lot too.

  4. Folsom? There’s nothing to see in Folsom. Not much in Auburn or Yuba, either.

    Tahoe is another story altogether.

  5. Leo, you will enjoy Mass Effect. I’d suggest though that if you have yet to play the first one, FIND A COPY! Even if you have to get it from xbox Live Marketplace. Or, if you prefer PC, you can always do the Steam thing.

  6. i think its a werecat on my opinion. can’t u guys see the cat tail at the page when that guy shoots it. looks like their r going to be some cats in chapter 4.

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