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Yes, chapter 4. Yes, the cover is cheesy as hell and I couldn’t help it, actually I could’ve put Collie on her knees and holding Luna’s leg… that’d been badass xD , I kid. Still it has a vibe of old movie posters, cliche I know but I wanted to give it a shot :P. It’s not the best, actually I got a better idea in the way of doing it but… oh well I still kinda like it.

As I said the page 1 will be available next Wednesday. Until then, howls!

PS: Anyone who finds out a secret “symbol” in the pic may win a free doodle :p


36 thoughts on “Cover

  1. Very nice design. The fog effect works well with the mood of the image. I wonder though; is that another werewolf in the silhouette background or one of these other Werecreatures you made mention of back in Issue 1 or 2?

  2. I am looking forward to knowing what will happen. Does Colley become a werewolf? And so on. Very nice design. This would do good as an anime, but that is just me.:=-)

  3. Actually, had you done the one of Collie on her knees holding Luna’s leg, you’d be definitely getting points from Bruce Campbell fans for the Army of Darkness reference.

  4. I can`t wait the time when i see fang in his werewolf mode and if i`m right that thing in picture is an anima and i wold like if fang and Luna wold some day you now what i ment…

    sorry my english is relly bad and i now it cos im from finland

  5. I’m going to guess that the symbol is the moon on the tree trunk 🙂 also, it’s great to see the comic up and going again! 😀

  6. awesome cover Leo, very nice work.i think the Symbol is on Luna’s left upper leg (the leg closest to the light)

  7. I think Collie is better as a human. Collie being human gives someone that Luna can relate about her old self with, without being stuck in a train of thought of ‘well maybe this whole thing’s just a werewolf thing’, because she has this mindset that segregates werewolf minds and human minds as two completely different things. I mean, sure, she technically can do it with anybody she’s comfortable with, but we kinda all know how good Luna’s friend making skills are…

  8. Err, sorry for doublepost, but I wanted to clarify what I meant about the ‘whole thing’s a werewolf thing’ as being any given topic on any kind of a time Luna might have on mind.
    There’s also the fact that Collie<->Luna is the only close bonded portrayal of human-to-werewolf interaction. ‘Cause we also know how great fang thinks of humans XD
    Either way, I don’t think the cover’s cheesy. I like it a lot ^^

  9. The cover seems to be a shot of a scene that well into the action. Luna is fully transformed and Collie is badly nicked & scratched up. They are, however, not very far from where Chapter 3 had left them. You can see street lamps and a chain-link fence in the background.

    Who and where are their attacker/attackers?

    Where is Fang and what is the portent of that ghostly image in the sky with it’s back to us baring it’s teeth?

  10. Awesome! I like their poses! =3
    I really LOVE your artwork!
    I can’t wait 4 the rest!
    Luna looks pretty beast, if I were a werewolf, i’d want to look like her!

  11. I agree with Jessica. A Great and Terrible Beauty’ by Libbra Bray is one of the best books I’ve ever read. (I’m 16). it’s actually part of a trglioy. The other ones are Rebel Angels’ and The Sweet Far Thing’. Gemma Doyle (main character) is my hero and I love this series and will recommend it to anyone, I’ve told my friends and they’ve read them and have gotten as addicted as I have. The books are long, but they do not seem that way once you get started.

  12. Wow! Awesome cover and I see what you mean by ‘Old Movie’ thing and that is awesome! Big fan of your work dude.

    P.S. is the doodle the shadow in the moon? I can see a wolf howling or the, umm…. the werecat?

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