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“BETA COLLIE” Finally coming this August 19th

Well, it’s time. Back from the wood’s shadows and into the moon’s light I come!

Yes, I know, I was supposed to bring an end to the 2 years project (now 3) “Beta Collie” back in July 2017 (I even did a teaser poster about it) while I was still working on AL and commissions. Years of art-works and I still have issues balancing these 3 things,I feel like Luna’s shadow is about to hit me with a hammer right now. Regardless, here I am.

Add to that I wasn’t feeling in high spirits on many of the things regarding AL, since a few of you know I have also print duties here in Chile and after Two Book publications I’ve been feeling that many of the goals I expected to achieve were underwhelming after years of work. So at the beginning of this year I focused on commissions only for a few months before getting back to AL….that was the goal, well after another few months of hiatus I’m here again.

Finally “BETA COLLIE” is coming to an end -for real- this time. I added two extra pages of what I had planned last year, and right now I’ve reworked a brand new cover that you can see here atop.

“Beta Collie” will be available the next August 19th for digital purchase.
USD $10
You’ll be able to purchase it from here: (where there will be a link soon) or at through paypal (credit card available too).

19 Comic pages (Ink and gray shaded pages) + Color Cover+ Sketches and unused pages.

Content Advice PG 13-16 (depending on your country)

BTW you don’t need to purchase this comic if you’ve been supporting me all along here at Patreon and you already downloaded all “BC” content pics from the start. This is aimed for people who want a solid way to get a copy of the whole deal. Although, It will contain a pdf and cbr format for easy reading not available at Patreon.

In other news after this comic get released I’ll be resuming works on AL main story line.

Anyway, as always thanks to all of you who support me and still follow my work. Is because of you that I’m still here howling.

“High Paw”



18 thoughts on ““BETA COLLIE” Finally coming this August 19th

  1. *high paw back*

    Good to see you still hanging around, even if it’s been in the shadows taking care of your personal biz. You take care of yourself first and foremost. We’ll still be here until you announce your official retirement…whenever that may be in the distant future.

      1. I just paid for the comic about 20 min ago and have recieved no notification about getting it
        I have no way of viewing this and you now have my $10
        Does it take a while or was there some kind of error

  2. *excited high paw*
    Oh man I’ll be so looking forward to it 😀 Bring on more awesome Leo art! I wonder how in depth the comic will get :3c

  3. Looking forward to more of your work. I hope things go better for you and that you achieve those goals you long for. I’m rooting for you as much as I can. I still love your work and tell my friends about it often.

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