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AL Chapter 5 – Page 36

Luna finds peace within herself and her wolf side. Where will this lead to?

Well, here is the promised return of AL finally available for everybody 🙂 Which means I’ll be uploading the next page (37) next Saturday too (on Patreon and 1 week later here), but the page after that may take 2 weeks. Right now I’m balancing my works and seeing how much I can handle, because I still work on other things besides AL. That said, I have some good news…

For Chilean people, and spanish readers you may be happy that I’m moving forward to publish a new book ( Volume 3) of AL, that should be hitting the market at the beginning of May 2019 if not before.

Now, regarding other things, I spoke in my last video that I’d be posting for sale really soon TWO “Alpha Luna Chronicles” comics, that is still happening, but not this week as I stated in my video at youtube (alphaluna channel) but most probably the next week , the same day I’ll be posting page 37.  But that day I’ll be only posting  for sale “Luna’s Strenght”, while  : “Fang’s Journey”  will take a few extra weeks. As for now you can read up to page 13 on my Patreon if decide to support my work over there.

Aaand that’s all for now, I hope those who bought “Beta Collie” enjoyed the comic I worked for so long. A big thanks to all readers alike, no matter if you buy or not the comics I post , if you talk among your friends what AL is, or if you just read it and keep it in your heart, that’s what really matters. All the love and all the howls!



14 thoughts on “AL Chapter 5 – Page 36

  1. I got confused about this part but then I realized the one that is saying “I only wanted to protect you” is the voice of Lunas inner wolf 🙂

  2. LEO! it’s amazing to have you back, beta collie looks amazing, shame I’m not able to buy it, but the important thing is that you are back, looking forward to the next pages 🙂

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