Alpha Luna Chronicles: “Soul Bonds” & Patreon

Hey guys! Do you remember me? yes, I’m still alive. I wanted to let you know that I’ve been working hard on new comics and projects related to Alpha Luna. Here above you can see a sample of one of the two Exclusive Chronicle Comics that you can find at my Patreon “Soul Bonds” ( By the amazing Chilean artist , Jade. This comic follows the Story of Ivan depicted back in Chapter 4 and follows what happened with him after and before those events. I hope if you can, decide to take a look and maybe support my work 🙂

I know it’s been a long time and while the website hasn’t received new updates since last year. I’ve been working on commissions outside Alpha Luna to keep up with life. In the meantime, Patreon, for now, is the only thing helping me to move forward as I finish the main storyline. That means that all pages remaining of the AL series will be posted first at patreon until the whole chapter is done.

I’m really sorry if this decision disappoints you. But as you’ve noticed the last few years changed what webcomics used to be. Now personal websites like this are hardly visited while mobile apps are the winners nowadays (yes, I know there are exceptions). It is just how things are. This doesn’t mean I’m moving to mobile or something, I’m just saying the only way I have to say thanks to those who support me right now is only through Patreon. Once the last page hits there, then I’ll upload all remaining pages in a last batch update here at the website. That means, you’ll see the end of AL around probably June next year 2020, but if you want to read page by page right now as I keep working on it plus the two exclusive Chronicle Comics, you have Patreon.

I know this means I’ve moved all my work behind a subscription wall and that may rub the wrong way to many people. But again, given the time and patience, you’ll eventually see the last pages of AL around here. I just want for you to understand that it’s been almost 15 years since I started posting AL back in January 2005 when I dreamed big trying to create a story based on my love for werewolves and manga, and while I didn’t achieve many of the goals I proposed myself on this journey and failed on many of the compromises I tried to make, every step and fall taught me a lot.

I’ve learned thanks to you and I received a lot of love through the characters you loved, through Luna, Collie and Fang. And I’m thankful for that. I just want you to understand making something like this by yourself can be a massive undertaking and posting pages here to receive minimum feedback was not working for me anymore.

That said, once AL is done that doesn’t mean “Alpha Luna” will be finished forever end ever, I have some plans I’d like to announce in the future, but before I get ahead of myself I just want to say again THANK YOU. If you can’t support me, it’s ok. You did just by clicking on my website from time to time or just by talking about AL and sharing what I do.

In the future I’ll be sharing more upcoming news on my social media at twitter: and also at my FB group and even my YT channel if I have the time : . Until next time!



15 thoughts on “Alpha Luna Chronicles: “Soul Bonds” & Patreon

  1. Thank you for creating this wonderful story we have gotten to experience. Doing things on a subscription first basis doesn’t bother me. I understand the reasoning behind it and am glad you’ll still post it here once it’s all said and done. Again, thank you so much for all the work you’ve done.

  2. I used to love this webcomic, and the forum while you had it. Good times, good times, I still remembered like it was yesterday, and I was a freshman in highschool, and I had just access to the internet…back in 2008/09, I think?
    Your art was a real eye-opener for me, and the best part was you regularly talked to your fans, and you held your contest.

    You probably don’t remember, but I’ve stopped reading this webcomic a few years ago while you’re were on your hiatuses.
    You inspired me to pick up a pencil and start drawing again when I was a highschooler, and I’ve posted my art on your forum and hung around almost every day when I get off school. I was simply inspired by your art, and your characters.

    I’m happy for you and how you’re moving on with your projects and AL with be forever in my heart, and a part of my adolescent years. Please take care!


  3. I seriously hope you have not given up on your work. Finally revisited where I left off years ago and have been content with the journey of Luna and friends. I wish I could have supported you back in college and afterwards. Been a crummy decade coming out of with no way to grip the damn job ladder without fools plucking my fingers one by one until I fall. I wish all freelancing and independent artists such as you would get the big breaks you desire and or need.

  4. I want to say two things:
    1. This is a masterpiece. Just a masterpiece. It cannot be described in another way. This is the best supernatural comic I’ve read ever.
    2. I need to know where to buy it, or see it, or anything

  5. My only regret is that the anima are some of the coolest monsters I’ve ever read about if you do make new comics I’d really like to see one about them

  6. When will page 45 come out?
    Just asking.
    And I hope you’re feeling okay, Leo. We really miss you, and if you wish, take a break–you’ve been working so hard on this comic, and it probably stresses you out too much. Take care!

  7. You’ll probably won’t see this, but I’m commenting anyways. You have been a big inspiration in my life; to the point that I’ve been drawing for the last four years to become a animator, film director, or video game artist. I really love the comic for its outstanding characters, dynamic art style, and phenomenal storytelling. I just hope you can get back up to draw one more time.

    Also, I hope you’re doing okay, Leo.

    P.S. I was the guy that commented on having a crush on Luna, also my art isn’t good at all.

  8. Hate to break it guys but this is it he ain’t going to be doing it any more I’ve read this comic since I was 13 and I’m in my mid twenties now he’s not going to finish and if he did only patreon people ever saw the ending this it….we don’t get the bad ass ending we wanted but that’s life and he has his own life to live so stop pestering him about it. the worlds gone to hell and I’m pretty sure he has more important things to care about besides all your bitching.

  9. Leo, you’re amazing at this and I love all this story you’ve made- I don’t know how to put this (I’m an introvert- reeeeee) so I’ll just get right to it: I love this comic, and please make more of this! I know you might not like to do this anymore, but just remember, we’re all supporting you. Life is bad this year with this damn virus, but you have created the perfect escape from it. Thank you, Leo.

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