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And this is just the beginning….

Seriously It’s been a ride. Specially this Issue/chapter 3 took way way waaaay longer than I expected, thus it means a lot for me succeeding into finishing it. Hiatus, personal issues, emotional breakdowns …30 old age age crisis πŸ˜› and still against all odds I’m still here.
A lot of it’s thanks to the support of fans reading through these years. Thank you!

As you may guess there’ll be a breakdown of updates for about 3 weeks before you get to see the cover of chapter #4 , I’m working right now on delivering all what I’ve done so far for being published into the spanish format. So I’m working like mad atm. BUT I have a few extra pics that I’ll be adding in the mean time. Stay tuned!


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Penultimate page of Chapter 3 and in a final sequence that will end up tomorrow. Yep. I’m posting both final pages in 2 days. For the same reason and because I need to prioritize other things right now I’ll leave you the page without shades.
I need to do a lot this week for Luna, see ya later!


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Alex in middle school!
Anyone who can notice a reference to a previous page in AL will get a cookie! πŸ˜‰
In other news, TO ALL MY MSN FRIENDS – GUYS – someone in msn is PRETENDING TO BE ME. DO NOT add (scam) , for some reason this person is trying to scam, why? I don’t get a clue why, but oh well…

-Yes It took me longer than a week because of some other works I’ve had to attend.
-Yes, the site is still under work, it’s going to be added a new comment section under this same journal…when? I don’t know, I’m not the person in charge about the upgrades, but I’m totally confident they’re doing a good work in the minimum time they have. Meanwhile use the forum!
-This week I was introduced to Avenged Sevenfold, good stuff. I’ve had a metal mood these past days.
-Just saw Kickass for a second time, finally took the memories of the comic away and enjoyed it much more.


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What is better than friendship when you have a furry side to take care of? if that makes any sense at all πŸ˜›
I wonder how far Collie can go because of her friend. Ah, and you probably already guessed… we’ll find a bit more about Fang-Alex next time.

PS: yeah, the site is STILL under changes, so please bare with me with the unfinished design which is waiting for Sinner to make things look right. Meanwhile you can comment on the forum!