Page 46 and AL Returns!

It’s been a few years huh? Well, let me explain-“What does this mean? How are you still alive? How is that possible? Is the comic returning? Is this real life?”

Well, it’s complicated…

Yes, the comic is returning for the foreseeable months. Meaning Chapter 5 will be done in about 2 months from now…probably. After that, I’m planning to add another chapter that will work as an “Epilogue” to the whole series.

All of that means a total of 5 or so months of work from now up to December. All the While I’ll be posting Two Alpha Luna Chronicles which are being translated for my Patreon where I also post in advance the AL Comic Pages ahead of the website with better resolution.

But yeah, it’s been quite the rough years for so many, including myself who had to take care of RL issues, work, and family. Priorities took my life on a path that couldn’t bring myself back to draw again and mentally I felt exhausted for a long time.

But here we are still kicking and howling! Why? Because as I said before this will be a proper send-off for the series. But then, what? Well… after December I’ll probably be working to publish the last book in my country Chile.

But the good news is that I don’t want to say goodbye to Alpha Luna and be done with it, just like that. I have something special that I’ve been trying to work around the characters for a while now. What it is? Well, I’m sorry to nag you with Patreon again but that is the place where I’ll be sharing the news about this other AL project down the line.

But again, we have a few months to celebrate no? To hang around and especially to talk about Alpha Luna whenever you want or can. I’ve recently been starting to use my Instagram account which I hope work as a better place to receive feedback:

And well Twitter also will have more life from now on at: which will share anything related, pics and news 🙂

But along the way I’ll show you what I’m preparing for the future of Alpha Luna, I’m thinking I’ll probably make a video or something where this interaction becomes more “alive” and real for you guys, for that there is my YT channel:

In any case, I hope you enjoy the Return of Alpha Luna as I work on bringing at least two new pages every month.

Until next time!



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