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Well, yes Luna is back just in time and She is really pissed off!

In current news some people worried because of the Volcano eruption here in Chile, but I live in Santiago 1000 kilometers to the north with a dull city landscape and no big volcanos around :p

So the bad news now is that there won’t be another page for about 20 days, this is the deadline week for my book and I’m working at full throttle.

I haven’t even delivered as much content as I’d like to my Patreon page, but I’m doing what I can to deliver what I promised and that’s the exclusive “Beta Collie” comic I’m working on.

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16 thoughts on “Page 16-17

  1. Luna’s about to kick some some (and I’m saying this before I even look at the next page… I’m hoping I’m right)

  2. Maaaaaaaaan leeeeeooooooo you could off pulled a ssuuuuupppperrr plot twist by making collie turn into a werewolf… you know you could still do that 😉 beta collie was not april fools for me. All i ask is in the next pages MAY you pleeeeeaasseee make collie a werewolf p.s. holy shit luna is about to 420 blaze this shit

  3. Collie will have her own side comic with a fun transformation 😛 Other then that I think she’s perfectly in her element within the story. Great page, things about to go down.

  4. lo siento. yo tener la intencion esta.
    you know, i find it ironic that we were reviewing your country’s culture in spanish class.
    Go get him girl(luna)!

  5. But if you consider it cinnamonwolf… it may not be a bad idea. In the comic book market, friend-to-feo or at least the friend appears to be an enemy seems to still be a big deal.But I respect the opinion.

  6. I’m probably the only one here who actually likes Collie as a human.
    It wouldn’t make much sense for her to randomly turn unless she has a lycan blood line we didn’t know about.
    But I doubt it.
    Also it’d be cool if Anima were infectious since it seems like there’s a lot if them. Anima Collie would be cool too, since she’d be on Luna’s side.
    But either way, Collie is my favorite and I adore her as she is.

  7. He didn’t see it coming.

    I’m glad Leo is back with his breathtaking style and storyline.

    It’s great that Collie is surrounded by certain secrets and would come as no surprise if she wasn’t all that sweet girl, but something more within. 😉

    Time will tell.

    Keep it up.

  8. I think that Collie was never meant to be a werewolf. The point of Collie is that she reflects the human side of Luna. If I am correct then Collie and Fang will eventually be in a relationship. This relationship would reflect Luna’s internal struggle of balancing her human an wolf sides. I may be completely wrong but that is how I see it. That is why I honestly think Collie is going to stay a human

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