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Not much to say this time :p . Already thanks to each donor that has contributed to my work the last few weeks, it has showed me how much people really care and support what I do.
In other news I’m still trying to make sense out of the movie Prometheus… :/ Oh wait …

I loved the visuals….loved them, the story in the other hand… ugh…

Well don’t forget to check the Calendar to know when future pages will be posted, take care.



16 thoughts on “Page 22

  1. Luna is recognizing what she is more fully. She’s watching what she was being pushed away by what she’s becoming, and she is afraid of what that is. It’s like she’s watching a different life, a different person, bursting out of her, and she can’t push it back, and isn’t sure what this new life, or this new person, will be. Whatever it is, though, it will be put to the test how “different” it really is.

  2. Man, Luna is putting a real bummer perspective on her whole situation.

    Great job as usual, Leo!

  3. @John Marshall

    Yes, Luna is discovering *what* she is, and the shock of it is putting a serious strain on her sense of identity and her place in the world.

    However, despite all of that, I think that ultimately deciding *who* she is is still entirely up to her.

  4. Can’t wait for the 4th.^^
    I’m broke, but I’m gonna pay anyway. I love my credit card for that. :p

  5. Kühl werewolf animated movie, Leo. Thanx for the link.

    Almost full moon AWOOOOOO!!!!!! :=-O

  6. I want you to finish this series so it can become an Anime. I’m an otaku of Alpha Luna. This is like another Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood to me but with werewolves. Keep going. I want to buy your collection and OVA. I can just picture seeing this on DVD. Maybe even a movie as well. Such impressive work. Yeah, I’m a huge fan. I can imagine the opening and ending.  Make this dream into a reality.  Don’t stop! The score during your pages rings it all in my ears along with the anticipation of the storyline and drama. I LOVE werewolves! To me, you are like the next Hiromu Arkawa! You are the next generation. I will be checking the status of your chapters daily. Thank You.

  7. Even though i have been following this comic for about a year. I think it is the best werewolf comic ever. You rock Leo

  8. @Paul Hernandez: Right on!!! In a way he is that next generation artist. Fullmetal Alchemist was a great series. Otakus unite! I too cannot get my mind off werewolves they is something unique about them.

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