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  1. whoa…i love this, the comic is absolutely awesome, cant wait to see more once the servers functioning again…also maybe im just wierd, but does this ever get anyone else thinking about the possibilities of genetic modification in the future? maybe im just a furvert but if i was able to have myself geneticly modified into an anthromorphic wolf like that, id never need anything else in life…cept of course food and water and such 😛

  2. i am in love with this comic… such emotion, such passion its makes me cry. it makes me happy… i feel emotions i want to be free I WANT TO FEEL, TO RUN LIKE HER, TO BE LIKE HER. TO BE DIFFERENT THAN JUST A NORMAL HUMAN. It wouldn’t matter to me if i was hunted, taunted at, i just want to be free… just be free of being normal.

  3. @Julio Cervantes

    Wow that was…..amazing, I just don’t have the words. Do you write poetry, it wouldn’t surprise me

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