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AL Chapter 5 – Page 42

So it’s been over a month since the last double page. Things should start going more frequently for the following pages since I plan on ending this chapter by April. We’ll see.

At my Patreon : I have some new content that will start rolling out this month with a new AL Chronicles “Souls’ Bonds” by Jade, a great Chilean artist. You’ll probably love it! I’ll be sharing some previews of this project very soon! One page of this will published at Patreon this month and 2 more next February.

Also , FINALLY “Fang’s Journey” will be available this week at the store for direct purchase, I’ll be making a video and some buzz about it, stay tuned.

So yeah, Luna’s fight is starting here, expect some a bloody brawl and get hyped!



7 thoughts on “AL Chapter 5 – Page 42

  1. Dang, it’s real nice to see updates suddenly coming in somewhat regularly now. Though somehow I doubt he could still speak with claws that deep in his neck. lol

  2. Your art is nothing but gorgeous every time. Time is never an issue considering that you are human after all (maybe).

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