Name : Fang / Alex (Human name) Age: 21
Eyes: Light blue / Hair: Light Blonde – Dark Brown
Race: Lycanthrope
Height: 1m, 78cm

Fang is usually a self-confident person and has a stubborn head when he is facing his objective. His confident behavior comes from his knowledge over his werewolf skills and his belief about people’s ignorance about nature.

Fang was raised by one of the Elders survivors of the old Clan in the outskirts of Anthera. For some time he assisted to primary to fit in the human society where he started using the name “Alex”. However due his rebel character this ended his sympathy to his human side once he managed to turn into a werewolf at the age of 17. 4 years later he search for the chance to become the new Alpha.

-How do you feel about… people?:

“Humans? People are ignorant of the Earth around them. They are too arrogant with their guns and machines, and they have turned away from the nature that supports us all in favor of their Great Human Race. They must be reminded that they are not the most powerfull race”

How do you feel about… power?:

“Power ? I’ll become stronger by my own way through facing my enemies one by one… Time will do the rest.”

How do you feel about… love?: “I can’t be concerned about love right now. Love is something you have time for when you’re not fighting for your life.”

How do you feel about… honesty?: “I’m honest with myself.”

Author’s Note:

“Fang didn’t change much from my original concept. His haircut was almost the same since the first drawing I did of him. Maybe the back of his neck had some style, and what I added before I began the comic was his half-black hair, which I thought was cool since I was working with fur patterns. I thought those patterns could be shown as well on normal hair :). And maybe the last thing I decided was giving him light blue eyes to stand apart from the theme that all wolves have yellow eyes when that’s not true. Besides, I like the way it looks :). ”