Collie is Luna‘s only and best friend since Secondary School. She use to be the girl ordered to fulfill the duties of the class, and because of her avid reading interest (mostly books about love stories and crime novels) and a incredible IQ (170), she usually ended up chatting with her teachers instead of having any real friendship with her classmates.

Although she considers herself a friend of all people, popular girls don’t bother paying attention to her. Due to this fact, her classmates use to bully her. But is thankfull to her relationship with Luna that She feels “safer” than before.

Aside from her intellectual side, she isn’t passive at all. She is quite expressive with her feelings and doesn’t mind to say what she thinks in the moment… to express herself, to correct someone’s behavior, or for giving advice. Despite her age, what she has gained from older people is her maturity to respond, and because of this, she usually acts like Luna’s second mother.

-How do you feel about… people?: “What do you mean? There are all kinds of people, you know…nice people, bad people, funny people, and those who are gorgeous like OrlandoBloom …*blush* Whatever… There are a bunch of people out there. You just have to go out and look for them.”

How do you feel about… power?: “What? Do you mean strong people? I don’t know. I would rather keep away from those muscle-brained guys. They don’t like me at all ¬¬ .Well, Luna in the other hand is strong, I guess it depends who use the powers and how. ”

How do you feel about… love?: “Love is the most incredible thing in this world, you know. It can make everything possible if you really want it. Now, my love? That’s a secret …Wait, I already named him before?…Damn! Now there are some people that need more love than others, I believe.”

How do you feel about… honesty?: “I just know a few honest people. It’s strange they aren’t my age, like my Grandma, you know. I’ve learned a lot thanks to her and Mrs. Jenkyl at the library, too. Mr. Carrison is another nice person, you know, and Michi, my cat. Of course, animals have feelings too, you know. But I don’t get it why people lie to each other… Honesty should be Number 1 in our life list, and I know Luna feels the same.”

“Author’s Note: Collie was born with the idea that Luna needed a partner on her quest, and the first idea I had at that time was a hunter seeking revenge against the werewolves who killed her boyfriend …Yeah, sure. But since I changed the plot back then in 1997, I totally changed her character as well. So at the end, I needed someone who could be there to balance out Luna’s depressed, always thoughtful behavior with someone mainly cheerful and capable to bring life and even some comedy to the comic when it’s needed. Besides, I needed someone to talk with Fang when Luna may be too quiet 🙂 and mainly to create with her a strong conscience over Luna’s human life”.